Ben Godwin is a freelance graphic and web designer in Austin, Texas. He has been designing for the web and other media since 1999, and is the founder of Ambivert Creative.

He is a synthesist mutualist devoted to promoting cooperation, mutual-aid, community, and self-reliance — toward the goal of moving out from under the state/corporate grid to form a free society within the shell of the old.

2 responses to “Constructing a Quick and Easy Teepee”

  1. Hello Ben, good work on your tipi-if you don’t experiment, you never learn! I have recently and after lots of planning put up a small (14′ Diam) tipi in s clearing in the woods, and will be living in it for the winter and possibly longer. I left my poles un-peeled, as it appears you did as well. How did that work for you? Any rubthroughs on the cover, or dripping from the roughness? My cover is made from old billboards sewed together, so heavier than yours, but breathability is about the same (~0%). Did you ever add an inner liner to go to the ground on the inside? There seems to be very little info out there about making your own improvised tipi for long term use, I was just wondering if you had any insights-if so, please post them so google can pull them for others who are doing tipi searches! Thanks, and have a great day.

    Here is a thread on paleoplanet about my tipi adventure (ongoing)—tipi—woods-pics–thoughts–time-progresses.html

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  2. Thanks friend for your valuable insights and I think knowing how to build a tipi is an important skill because you never know when you and your loved ones may need shelter. I have looked at many interesting shelter designs but the advantages of the tipi are hard to beat. I was wondering if you used a treated tarp, the kind that has a flame guard coating? I know they are a bit more spendy but probably worth it. I’d like to hear how your tipi tarp material held up all winter and like you said it is definitely a lot cheaper to build one the way you did. I’d be very interested in knowing how your design would hold up maybe for even a year living inside it. Thanks again.

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